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Ticking and Talking.

Danikin Skywalker
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BACK TO BASICS My name is Dani, and someday I am going to be your employer. In the meanwhile, I like my coffee with milk and two sugars. I reserve the right to deduct from your future salary if it isn't hot and in my hands within five minutes of being procured.

MY LOVES Life. Literature. Coffee. Music. Laughter.

THINGS I DO Writing. Eating. Drinking. Breathing. Reading. Fangirling. Loving.

MUSIC I listen to a little bit of everything. Some current faves: MGMT. The Secret Handshake. Angela Aki. Justice. The Dear Hunter. Jesse McCartney. Magnet. The Incredible Moses Leeroy. Darren Styles. Ariane Moffatt. Tiesto. Daft Punk. Kanye West. Coconut Records. Calvin Harris. Lil Wayne. Joe Hisaishi.

OTHER STUFF FFXIII is the reason I'll be alive in 2010. I have an odd sense of humor and a violent affection for big, brightly colored sunglasses.


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